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Steve, proprietor of the Salon, writes about the origin and the history of the ‘Salvatore’ name.

Origin of the name

“I was baptised Stephen Salvatore Blake.

“Salvatore is my grandfather’s name who died one month before I was born. Salvatore was married to my grandmother who was called Polly. My business partner and wife is also called Polly and unbeknown to us we also got married on the same weekend they did and I used his wedding ring. So we felt it was a good omen and decided Salvatore not only sounded right but was appropriate.”

The beginning

“I came to England from Malta in 1978, and was living in Chelsea and working in a salon in South Kensington called Headlines. This is the salon Princess Diana attended, and I had the honour and privilege of blow drying her hair on two occasions.

“I met Polly in London whilst she was studying to become a beautician. We got married on the 10th July 1982 and went to live in Malta for a short while. Returned to Scunthorpe and after working in a couple of local salons, settled as a salon manager in the Asda salon for the next seventeen years.

“We decided to start looking for our own salon in 1999, and after several months of negotiations and building work, we opened our salon on the ground floor of 11 Robert Street. On Monday 13th March 2000, which also happens to be Polly’s birthday. The first day we opened there were 23 staff and only intended to meet and greet clients as an open day, but the demand for haircuts saw the staff going home and returning with their equipment. We opened the second floor that same year in December. In 2005 we negotiated and purchased the building next door number 13 to help accommodate our growing number of staff and clients.

“All the workers at Hair At Salvatore are regarded as part of our family, most of whom start working with us as Saturday staff and then go on to an apprenticeship and stay on as our future stylists. We have an excellent training program in place, all trainees attend Positive Approach academy for their theory and Emma Edwards, a qualified teacher, teaches them all the practical work. They also gain a lot of knowledge from the other members of the team. Training is not only given to the trainees but constant updating and training is provided for all the other juniors and stylists. Companies such as ‘Schwarzkopf’ and ‘Cinderella Hair’ provide in house and academy training available for all staff.”

Stephen Salvatore Blake.